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Medical and Surgical Cosmetic Treatments and Procedures are quite complex which require expert medical guidance regarding the suitability of the procedure one intends to undertake. In order to transparently assist with accurate knowledge to the prospective clients, Ojas Aesthetic has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions in this Page which should answer most of the questions the customers might have regarding the usual procedures and treatments available in the market place.

Despite our best efforts to provide as much information as might be needed, there might still be a unanswered questions the customers may have. In order to address such queries, Ojas Aesthetic will provide Free Consulting over mail for any queries you might have.

  • Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedure - FAQs

    Ojas Aesthetic Provides information on Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedures under this section.
    Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedures have evolved as a safe alternative to Surgical Body Contouring. Ojas will provide all the needed information to take a well informed decision about the Procedure.
  • What are the different types Non-Surgical Procedures for Body Contouring ?

    There are many Non-surgical Body Contours procedures like Liposonix ultrasound, Accent Ultra, Bella Contour, Med Contour, UltraShape, VaserShape, Exilis, Lipo Ex, TriPollar, TriLipo Maximus, Venus Freeze, Thermage, Velashape II, VelaSmooth, Zerona, SmoothShapes, i-Lipo, i-Lipo Ultra, i-LipoXcell, 3D-Lipo, iSlim Lipo, M.E.L.T Laser Lipo, Strawberry Laser Lipo, LipoLight, CoolSculpting, Mesotherapy (including LipoDissolve), Endermologie available as standard efficient alternatives to Surgical Procedures, free from the associated risks and post-procedural downtime.
  • Which is the best Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedure?

    While all the above listed Non-Surgical Liposuction procedures for Body contouring have their own pros and cons, it is generally agreed in the professional circles that, any technologies approved by US FDA are expected to be very safe to the patients producing the desired results.
  • What type of procedure is performed by Ojas Aesthetic institute?

    TriPollar RF Technology – used by Ojas Aesthetic, Hyderabad for Non-surgical Body Contouring Procedures is a third Generation US FDA Approved technology which simultaneously reduces Fat, Tightens skin and also reduces cellulite formation. This is one of the latest technologies in the world and is virtually painless, providing immediate, visible results.
  • What are the different options for Body Contouring?

    The term body contouring covers different types of treatments to reshape the body like – Surgical Liposuction, Minimally Invasive Liposuction and Non-Invasive or Non-Surgical Liposuction.
  • Are other Non-surgical Liposuction procedures as effective as Surgical Liposuction?

    The Minimally invasive and Non-Surgical Liposuction procedures are also as effective as Surgical Liposuction providing the desired results. However, Non-Surgical procedures do require more than one treatment sitting. For complete body contouring procedure, even Surgical Liposuction requires more than one sitting.
  • Do All types of Body Contouring require a lot of downtime?

    Surgical body contouring requires a lot of downtime like any major surgery with all its associated risks. Non-surgical procedures for body contouring do not require any downtime at all.
  • Is it necessary to choose a professional to perform even non-surgical Body contouring?

    Yes! It is an absolute MUST to have Non-surgical Body Contouring performed by trained professionals, preferably by Medical Cosmetologists. It is not advisable to have these procedures performed in Beauty Salons. The Body Contouring procedure requires knowledge of the treatment settings to provide the optimal results in minimal sittings.
  • Can Body Contouring be performed for all body parts?

    Body contouring doesn’t just shape and smooth your thighs and tummy. It can be sued to treat many areas like neck, upper arms, chest, back, hips, knees and even your ankles.
  • Is Body Contouring a painful procedure?

    Body contouring through Surgical Liposuction can be quite painful and time consuming to heal and recover. However, non-surgical procedures for body contouring do not cause any pain, except for a little discomfort during the procedure; and, one can get back to their work right after the procedure.
  • Are Body Contouring Procedure Results Permanent?

    The results obtained through body contouring are long lasting, and how long they last also depends upon the diet, life style and exercise etc., one chooses after the procedure.
  • When is Body contouring recommended?

    It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world. Many ladies undergo Body contouring procedures as part of post-delivery mommy make over.
  • Does body contouring procedure take care of cellulite reduction?

    Non-Surgical Body contouring Procedures reduce the cellulite and improve the appearance of skin, providing a more toned look and work to reduce the amount of fat on the body.
  • Is Body contouring meant for overweight patients only?

    Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedures are not meant to be Weight Loss methods for over weight patients. It’s for people looking for a body-shaping boost and help getting rid of stubborn fat in specific areas (hips, thighs) rather than an all-over weight loss method.
  • What is the cost of non-surgical body contouring procedure?

    The cost of Body Contouring varies depending upon the number of sessions needed to obtain the desired results. You must enquire with the clinic and obtain desired information about the cost of treatment which can vary from person to person depending upon the body type.
  • What are the expected Side Effects of body contouring procedure?

    Use of Tri-Pollar RF Technology for Body Contouring may produce Redness and warmth in the treated area for an hour or so after treatment; Swelling that may last from 24 to 48 hours after the treatment. The Procedure is not advised for Pregnant Women. People with electrical devices e.g., pacemakers, or metal implants in the treatments area cannot undergo this procedure. This procedure is not suggested for Patients with current cancer or cancer history, especially skin cancer or pre-malignant moles. It is not advised to be used for people with history of skin disorders such as keloid scarring, abnormal wound healing, as well as very dry and fragile skin.

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