Global excellence award for post bariatic plastic surgery from prime time media research private limited

Ojas aesthetic promotes heath and we'll being for all especially obesity where combined efforts are required from counsellors deiticisns bariatric surgeons and plastic surgeons .Team Ojas aesthetic congratulated Dr v.k Srinagesh consultant at Ojas aesthetic for his efforts in providing excellent care.

HLCC Hair Treatment

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Why Ojas?

The People who perform the Cosmetic Procedures are very important to derive the assured results in the specified time frame. Ojas Aesthetic provides very efficient Medical Cosmetic and Surgical Services through Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon and Medical Cosmetologist with a combined experience of more than 40 years in this field. This is a very unique experience to trust yourself when you want to choose your Cosmetic Surgeon

Technology is a critical component of Cosmetic Surgical and Medical Procedures. As the procedures deal with sensitive body parts like face, skin and body, employing appropriate technology which is clinically approved is very important in providing safe and healthy results, without any adverse side effects. In view of this, Ojas Aesthetic employs Best-of-Breed US FDA Approved Medical Technologies for Medical Cosmetic Procedures

Ojas Aesthetic firmly believes in the philosophy of “Nothing about you, without you”, through transparent engagement with the patients about the treatment procedures we recommend as well as the outcomes that can be expected. Ojas Aesthetic recommends only the right procedures taking in to account the clinical suitability to individual patients. Ojas Aesthetic will always set the right expectations with right approach.

Medical Cosmetic Treatments have become commercialized by advertising the price alone, and, not emphasizing on the Quality, are adversely influencing prospective customers. Ojas Aesthetic provides quality services utilizing the US FDA Equipment and clinically proven material for Patent Safety and comfort under highly experienced Clinicians by right pricing to the customers without compromising on the Quality.

Hair Loss Control Clinic

Hair loss is a growing problem due to changing lifestyles, making it a global epidemic. As hair loss affects people of all ages and both sexes, people tend to resort to miracle cures which may not work many times. It is essential that Hairloss treatment is performed professionally, and, Ojas Aesthetic Institute offers a permanent cure for Hair Loss in association with Hair Loss Control Clinic, a US FDA approved center providing reliable results for Hair Loss through a scientifically proven Method.

Ojas Aesthetic Institute performs HLCC's US FDA Approved Clinicall Proven Procedure, for the first time in Hyderabad which is as easy as 1-2-3: (1) Scalp Hygiene (2) Laser Hair Loss Treatment (3) Blocking DHT. HLCC's Clinically proven Hair Loss Treatmenet offered by Ojas Aesthetic is effective for:

Male Pattern Baldness

Female Pattern Baldness

Thinning Hair

Broken and damaged Hair

Alopecia Areata

Traction Alopecia

More information about HLCC treatment for the first time in Hyderabad can be found Here


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