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Hair Rejuvenation - Mesotherapy
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Hair loss is a common phenomenon occurring due to various reasons. Androgenic alopecia is most common and starts in men from age groups of 20 onwards, in women from age 40 and above There is progressive loss of hair and can result in total baldness.

1.What are the treatment options for hair rejuvenation?

Apart from traditional options like hair transplant, stem cell hair rejuvenation.

therapy is the latest and gives progressive results.

2. What is mesotherapy?

It is a process whereby solutions with stem cell derivatives and biochemical products are deposited at the base of hair follicle through micro injection.

3. What is stem cell hair rejuvenation?

Provides complex bio chemical and nutritional signals to hair follicle to stimulate resting stem cell in hair follicles.

4. HOW does stem cell therapy act?

Scientific research has proved that most bald people still have a considerable number of hair follicles in the dormant state, with adult stem cells. These cells need to be stimulated with complex bio chemical and nutritional media that gives signals to the stem cells to decide and develop into mature specialized cells that is hair follicles and hair shaft apart for new hair growth it also helps to treat problems like seborrheic dermatitis, strengthens and moisturises hair shaft.

5. What are the age groups of people who come to be treated?

All age groups from 20 to 60 years.

6. After how many days /weeks does a person notice hair growth?

Hair growth depends on individual cases, but most cases hair regeneration takes place after 6-8 weeks.

7. Is the hair growth permanent?

Yes, it is permanent. However it may require a few maintenance treatments. Apart from new hair growth it also treats problems like dandruff and strengthens the hair shaft and also moisturizes it.


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